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Mothers Union

This is a vibrant band of both men and women who meet together regularly to pray and worship and offer friendship and hospitality. They meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month in Caversham Hall, Gosbrook Road at 2.30pm (December date may vary). They also meet every Tuesday during Lent to follow a theme of instruction, discussion and enhanced worship. The group is supported by Rev John Dudley, Associate Priest.

The union is committed to upholding marriage and caring for those whose marriages have met with problems. Regular fund raising takes place for overseas development in education and worship, and also provides holidays for those in need of a break, and study patterns for many other forms of worship and care.

We meet with other Mothers Union members in our Deanery and Diocese for worship teaching and fellowship. This group was founded in 1942 as an independent group when the parish of Caversham group was split following the death of the then rector and has met regularly ever since. The rules have changed over the years and now only requires Baptism and the willingness to uphold its aims and purposes as qualifications to join.

Please contact Ann Deane ☎ 0118 954 3814 for more information.